29/08 – 30/08/2023
WG1+WG2 group meeting on gap filling, Brussels (Belgium)

WG1 and WG2 meeting related to filling gaps in micrometeorological data.

Workshop Report

Gap filling with Python
Presenters and Attendees

Venue Details:

COST Association Office
Avenue du Boulevard – Bolwerklaan 21, 1210 Brussels

Arrival Details:

Enter the building called “Manhattan Centre”. Once you are in the lobby, please inform the reception that you are coming to the COST Association for a COST Academy (CA20108 Workshop).
The reception will ask you to sign the attendance list to enter the gates to access the elevators. The COST Association is located on the 23rd floor.

Logistics for those Claiming Expenses:

Please note that you will need to sign the attendance list for the workshop each day you are in attendance in order to claim travel reimbursement.

The Agenda is as follows:
Day 1 (August 29, 2023)
Understanding Data Gaps & Python’s Range of Interpolation Functions
Session 1 (10.30am – 1pm), Gap Data Analysis

Chair: Mark Roantree

Gap analysis and Gap Filling (Steven Caluwaerts, University of Ghent)
A toolkit for reading and analysing observational datasets. (Thomas Vergauwen, University of Ghent)
PIS network micrometeorological time-series: Hourly gaps distribution (Ivan Koci, PIS Vojvodina)

Session 2 (2pm – 5.30 pm), Gap Filling with Python 

Chair: Branislava Lalic

Approaches to Gap filling with Python: An Overview (Mark Roantree, Dublin City University)
1-D Gap filling with Python (An Nguyen, Dublin City University)
Multidimensional Gap filing with Python (Dinh Viet Cuong, Dublin City University)

Day 2 (August 30, 2023)
Gap Filling Climate Data
Session 3 (10am – 1pm), Traditional Approaches

Chair: Steven Caluwaerts

Filling gaps in hourly and daily micromet data: should we take into account the difference among meteorological elements characteristics?
(Branislava Lalic, University of Novi Sad)
Gap-filling urban observational data using on ERA-5 debiasing. (Amber Jacobs, University of Ghent)

Session 4 (2pm – 5pm), Planning session

Chair: Mark Roantree

Identifying Collaborative Projects.Building critical mass around gap filling.
Machine Learning approaches.

Contributes to Deliverable 8 (Due date M24)


Internal Workshop WS1, September 26-28, 2022, Riga (Latvia)

  • Address: Jelgavas iela 1, 1004, Riga, Latvia; Academic Centre of University of Latvia, House of Nature, room 701 
  • Hybrid meeting; For online participants all meetings will start 30 minutes earlier to check connections. In case that some presentations are shorter than expected, slight shifts in agenda are possible.

       Draft Agenda, 2nd version


WG1 Urban and rural meteorological networks
Urban and rural micrometeorological networks across the Europe
Novi Sad Urban Network
Novi Sad Urban Network (NSUNET)
Science Communication - update
WG3 Dissemination and application
FAIRNESS STSM and ITC Conference call