Training schools

Summer School (SS1)

Location: Volos, Greece

University of Thesally / Αργοναυτών, Filellinon και, Volos 382 21

Start: 27/06/2022

End: 01/07/2022

Title: FAIRNESS Summer school 1“Filling common gaps in measured data”

Type: Face to face

Training school – Training in identification and overcoming of common gaps in measured micrometeorological data; common gaps in the organization of measurements, data assimilation, and management. Identification of transferable skills in measurement planning and implementation challenges (creative thinking and problem solving) and interdisciplinary approach (ability to combine work across different fields).

Co-organized event: 

Agroecoinfo 2022 Symposium, 30/06/2022 – 02/07/2022, Volos (Greece)

Summer School (SS2)


Location: Ghent University, Belgium


Period: from  03/07/2023  to  07/07/2023
Title: FAIRNESS Summer school 2023 – “Analysing urban microclimate data: from sensor to science”
Topics of the summer school:

The aim of this summer school is to support the participants in processing and analysing their urban microclimate dataset. We will give priority to participants who bring their own urban dataset. Both, already well-studied and urban datasets not yet quality-controlled including gaps, are welcome.