How to join


How to officially apply for the FAIRNESS project:

  1. Create your e-cost account. Go on this link and activate “Create an account”
  2. when you create and enter in account, go to COST applications (banner on the left side)
  3. search FAIRNESS project by entering CA20108 in the code cell and go to View the project (step 1)
  4. you will got a new page with basic information about project, and on the left side select WG Applications (step 2)
  5. then go to bottom and select + Add WG application (step 3)
  6. finally, a new page will be opened and start to fill out all necessary infos. It is not recommended to select box to be MC member, 2 is maximum (final step).
  7. when you submit, we will see on the system your application, and very soon you will be project member officially.

prepared by: dr. Stevan Savic (stevan.savic(at)