Working group 3

Dissemination and application

Leader : Prof. Simone ORLANDINI , Firenze, Italy

Research Coordination Objectives

  • S : Establish FAIRNESS users community.
  • M : FAIRNESS users community will include : Micromet_KSP and case study participants and users; participants of trainings, Training Schools, STSMs and workshops ; identified data users and stakeholders.
  • A : Action networking tools and Micromet_KSP will be used to disseminate WG1 and WG2 results among identified FAIRNESS users community.
  • R : Communication between FAIRNESS users community and FAIRNESS Action members with networking tools and Micromet_KSP allows synergy among researchers from different fields, specialists responsible for data measurement and assimilation and manufacturers (such as SME) of equipment. It will transform identified needs into novel/improved sources of information, standards and methodologies for stakeholders and general public. Involvement of students and researchers from low-performing countries and institutions will reduce crowding out effect related to use of expensive measurement technologies.
  • T : Until the end of M06 “Dissemination and application action plan” will be established. A realistic and flexible (in respect to milestones) timeline with strict deadlines (in respect to deliverables) will ensure achieving goals and objectives during the Action lifetime.

Tasks and Activities


T3.1 Dissemination and application action plan.

T3.2 Application of the Action results.

T3.3 Stakeholders and users feedback on implementation in WG1-3 activities.

T3.4 FAIRNESS users and “neighbouring” community.


A3.1.1 Design and monitoring of “Dissemination and application action plan”. A3.2.1 Dissemination of case study results and Micromet_KSP use.

A3.2.2 Exploitation, customisation and
optimisation of the Action results for public use (incl. publication of the “white book”).

A3.3.1 Assessment of stakeholders and users feedback and their needs for data quantity, quality, form and presentation for specific applications.

A3.4.1 Identification of FAIRNESS users community.

A3.4.2 Identification of FAIRNESS “neighbouring” community.

A3.4.3 Identification of common knowledge gaps and misinterpretations, met in general and specialised public, related to weather and climate effects and description of their solutions (mitigating “fake news”).

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