Fair Micromet Portal

Micrometeorological Knowledge Share Platform

The Action has established the first Micrometeorological Knowledge Share Platform 
> Fair Micromet Portal < to serve as ground base of future European micrometeorological database (EU-Micro_Met) which will complement other databases such as the existing European Eddy Fluxes Database Cluster (EUROFLUX).
Fair Micromet Portal (FMP) was established by :

  1. compiling an inventory of available in situ micrometeorological data (including metadata) and calculated indices,
  2. evaluating and enhancing data “fairness” (whether data sets are designed according to FAIR principles),
  3. designing complete pilot data sets representing rural and urban micrometeorological conditions
  4. evaluating Q&A communication in order to assess hot topics for all actors, particularly stakeholders and end-users at different societal levels (i.e., institutional/governmental, industrial/commercial and private/farmers).

The structure of Fair Micromet Portal will allow a broad range of applications from practice to the research level, which will be tested in sector-specific (agricultural, forestry, urban, health) case studies.

Description of the FAIRNESS Knowledge Repository

In the first year of the CA20108 Cost Action, a bespoke knowledge portal was developed to capture metadata for FAIR datasets. Its purpose was to provide detailed metadata descriptions for shareable micrometeorological data using the WMO standard. While storing Network, Site and Sensor metadata locally, the system passes the actual data to ZENODO, receives back the DOI and this paper discusses the search facility for the knowledge portal.


Free and open platform for preserving and sharing research output

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