Description and timeframe

D 1.1Inventory of available micrometeorological data in EuropeM03
D 1.2Report on created Core Pan-European multidisciplinary network of experts for micrometeorological data measurement and assimilationM06
D 1.3Recommendations for gaps identification and their overcoming in measurement methods and data assimilationM24
D 1.4Guidelines for FAIR principles and methodological improvementsM39
D 2.1Web implemented Micromet_KSPM09
D 2.2Skill and knowledge enhancement action planM12
D 2.3Report on selected pilot data sets and indicesM15
D 2.4Report on planned case studiesM18
D 3.1Dissemination and application action planM12
D 3.2Report on identified FAIRNESS users and “neighbouring” communityM36
D 3.3Report on application of the FAIRNESS Action resultsM30
D 3.4Inventory of region-specific stakeholder and user needsM45
D 4.1Inventory of transferable activitiesM30
D 4.2Guideline for future good practices in micrometeorological measurement methods, data assimilation and indicesM33
D 4.3Report on Micromet_KSP analyticsM39
D 4.4Report on Long-term sustainability planM47

Reports and Questionnaires