CA20108 FAIRNESS – How to contribute?

Dear FAIRNESS Cost action members,

Since some of you did not manage to join us at the General Meeting (GM) in Novi Sad or WG meetings and some of you are new members, I would like to inform you about ongoing and planned activities and how you can be a part of it.

All activities are taking place in work groups according to plan. If you are unsure how to contribute and did not find the answer below, I suggest contacting your WG leader (list at the end).

Before GM, we asked all participants to make a short video for self-presentation and research presentation (in PowerPoint or pdf form) of their group/network to upload on the Action YouTube channel and web page. Some presentations you can find on:

Your self-presentation and/or research presentations of your group/network you can upload on

In case of technical issues, presentations you can send to

Knowledge-share platform (KSP) and enhanced FAIRness of micrometeorological data are some of the action’s primary expected results. If you are unfamiliar with topics, you can find more information in the attached document and our web page.

You are also welcome to participate in other WGs activities even if you join primarily one WG. Contact the WG leader and ask them to put you on the WG e-mail list.

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Branislava Lalić